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VedicTreat is an unique healthcare facility founded in the year 2002 by Dr. Sanjeev Naik, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare management, with a glorious tradition of healing for over a decade, VedicTreat has been at the forefront of all Ayurvedic and energy healing work in India.

Vedic Treat has enabled thousands of people maintain physical, mental health and social wellbeing with an emphasis on preventive and curative healthcare by integrating rich tradition of Ayurveda and Yoga. Our approach of healing is through treatments and medication, awareness about Ayurveda-based nutrition, lifestyle and yoga.

We periodically invite leader and visionaries in scientific and energy healing domain to hold seminars and workshops at Vedic Treat, and provide access to well-researched scientific literature for benefit of the community.

Dr. Sanjeev Naik

Ayurvedic physician

He is an Ayurvedic physician with extensive experience in treating thousands of people for a wide range of issues. Born into a family of mystic healers in the coastal region of Karnataka, exposed to ancient therapeutic practices from a young age. He also gained knowledge of herbs and medicinal plant based preparations from his upbringing in the rich habitat of the Western Ghats.

His passion to help people has made him a sought after expert in the field of Ayurveda, yoga and energy healing. He is also a counsellor, trained hypnotherapist, certified energy healer, yoga expert, certified anti-gravity fitness trainer and much more.


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